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A pergola is a home and garden feature that forms a shaded passageway or sitting area. Usually constructed of vertical posts that usually support cross-beams with a sturdy open lattice.

But having worked throughout the Campbelltown/Macarthur region for over two decades and counting, we’ve seen how much more a pergola can be.

A pergola is…

✓ A place to unwind and relax

✓ The perfect place to entertain and socialise

✓ The cost-effective way to increase the value of your home

✓ The easy way to maximise your outdoor space

✓ Durable protection from the elements

✓ A private space all of your own

A pergola serves so many purposes it really is the jack of all trades in your garden.

Offering experienced, affordable and stylish pergola installation throughout Sydney, if you’re looking for the proven way to transform your home and garden, reach out and speak to a member of our friendly team today!

Pergola Designs

There are many different types, styles and pergola designs to choose from to best suit your garden space.

Wondering what designs for building pergolas would suit your space best? Our talented team are happy to provide advice and assistance over the phone to help you make the perfect choice.

Our pergola materials include:

– Wood
– Metal
– Brick
– Stone

We understand that every home and every garden is different. Offering custom pergola designs we give you the power to create the perfect pergola for you!

You can custom design your own pergola or choose from some of our most popular styles below:

1. Gable Pergola

The gabled roof is one of the most popular architectural styles in the world, and looks stunning on our range of gable pergolas.

This design adds unquestionable style and charm to any home, and can transform your outdoor space into a functional living and entertaining area.

Aesthetically pleasing, simple water run off, and efficient heat dispersion are just some of the features that make this design a star.

2. Flat Pergola

Easy to build but striking to admire, our range of flat roofed pergolas suit any home style and decor.

As a versatile structure, these pergolas can be customised to suit your outdoor space and are an extremely durable addition to your property – withstanding the worst that the elements can throw at it.

As a natural extension of your home you can’t beat this simple and stylish design.

3. Japanese Pergola

Typically used as the focal point of a garden, our Japanese Pergolas may be constructed with timber, metal or even plastic.

Horizontal cross beams supported by pillars or open lattice work provide the platform for an open, airy and unique design that may be complemented with additional screens or bamboo.

4. Columned Pergola

Our pergolas are more than just function, they’re also beautiful forms too!

A columned pergola create a sturdy, robust and reliable structure that will stand the test of time. With lightweight rafters and sleek cross beams these structures create a sense of elegance in any home.

With our pergola experts able to customise your design – from rough-hewn beams to add a rustic charm, to broad white columns for a classic feel, we’ll always help your pergola stand out.

5. Arched Pergola

Our arched pergolas are an open and chic addition to any home, with the creation of extra space able to open up even the smallest backyard area.

The curved roofs we use require less overhead than a gable roof, which gives you extra space without the extra cost and configuration.

Able to minimise the impact and transmission of heat, our arched pergola designs keep you cool and relaxed all summer long.

6. Contemporary/Modern Pergola

Clean lines, crisp angles, and contemporary frames are at the heart of our modern pergola designs.

Perfect for modern homes and cutting architectural styles, these designs are simply impossible to ignore.

With a range of optional features available to customise your pergola, a contemporary design blends form and function seamlessly.

7. Timber Deck

With so many timber options available it can be hard to match your time pergola to your timber deck. That is until you choose the talented team at Campbelltown Macarthur Guttering Services!

Our extensive experience with softwoods and hardwoods means you’ll always have a pergola that fits seamlessly into your existing deck.

With Sydney’s highest quality craftsmanship and most competitive prices, there’s simply no better choice!

Why Choose Campbelltown Macarthur for your Pergola?

Campbelltown Macarthur Guttering Services have been servicing the South West Sydney region for over 20 years.

As a result, we have built a reputation of trust, knowledge and experience within the industry and our retaining client base.

We’re always striving to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. For that reason we believe in a customer-first culture whose mission is to go above and beyond for you, time after time.

Thinking of adding a pergola to your outdoor space? We will…

✓ Help you choose the perfect style and structure for you

✓ Identify any local council regulations or restrictions

✓ Determine whether roof cladding is needed

Keep construction costs down and pass the savings on to you

Create a modern and chic atmosphere in your yard

Add value to your home

Beware the unlicensed cowboys out there with quotes too good to be true, because they mostly are!

You pay peanuts; you get monkeys. However, in saying that, our prices are extremely competitive and offer incredible value when weighed against the professionalism and quality of service delivered.

Even better, Campbelltown Macarthur Guttering Services offer you a peace of mind with warranties on all our products and services.

To get the local trusted experts to help with your pergola needs, contact us today for a free site assessment.

Areas of Service

Campbelltown Macarthur Guttering Services are proud to provide pergola installation, maintenance and repair in the following suburbs.

If your location is not listed, please contact a member of our team to see if we can service your area.

✓ Pergolas Campbelltown

✓ Pergolas Camden

✓ Pergolas Bradbury

✓ Pergolas Narellan

✓ Pergolas Leumeah

✓ Pergolas Liverpool

Are you considering a modern pergola? Would you enjoy the privacy and protection of an elegant pergola? Would a sleek and stylish pergola suit your property?

We’re proud to live and work in the Campbelltown/Macarthur Region. If you’re in need of a proven, experienced and hard working pergola building team, reach out and speak to us today!


“If you’re thinking about adding a pergola all I can say is this is an awesome company! Very professional and the finished work was on time and on budget. We had our own site manager here all the time to make sure work was inspected. I would definitely recommend them for any pergola needs.”

Nigel Cockburn / Narellan

“We always wanted a pergola and thanks to these guys we got what we wanted. When one of our friends told us about their prices and exceptional work we thought that they were our chance to get our outdoor pergola without breaking the bank. The results are amazing. The pergola is exactly what we had in mind. It’s our pleasure to recommend their services.”

Carol Baker / Campbelltown

“These guys are great! They built us a pergola in no time and did an excellent job. Thank you.”

Lewis McConskie / Raby


“Extremely positive experience with Campbelltown Macarthur Gutter Services. Excellent service all around. Shane helped picked out the perfect pergola, answered all my questions and helped schedule the build and install for the exact day needed. These guys are top notch on customer service. Five stars don’t come easy for me but these guys deserve it.”

Janelle Hanlon / Liverpool

“I recently had a pergola installed by Campbelltown Macarthur Gutter Services. It seems to be these days you find many companies not returning calls for quotes. Not only did they answer the call but quickly came out to give me a very competitive quote. They explained their process and when we scheduled an appointment, they came when they said and built the pergola exactly for the price they quoted. Easy to work with, friendly, on time and good pricing. What else can you ask for?”

Alyssa Meridian / Bradbury


Our Simple Pergola Process

Wondering what to expect when you choose Campbelltown Macarthur Guttering Services to build your pergola?

A simple, easy and affordable pergola process!

We work with you from the first conception of an idea through to the actual installation of your new pergola, with your own site manager always available to help along the way.

Step One

– Speak to a member of our friendly team to arrange a free site assessment at your convenience.

Step Two

– We’ll explore different options for your pergola to suit the landscape and requirements of your property, providing you with an industry leading obligation-free quote.

Step Three

– You’ll get to choose the material, size and design of your pergola. That way you’ll have a unique structure to complement your home.

Step Four

– Once the design is agreed upon, a floor plan consisting of all exact measurements and position is drawn up for you to sign off on.

Step Five

– Proper building permits are obtained. All materials are ordered, and installation is booked in the time convenient for you.

Step Six

– Installation can take anywhere from a few days to a week depending on the size and scope of your project.

Step Seven

– Your project is assessed before completion and all building materials and waste removed from site.

Step Eight

– Time to kick back and enjoy your brand new pergola!

In need of gutter repair or maintenance? Our simple guttering processes ensure you’re always getting the highest quality craftsmanship at the best possible prices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a pressing pergola problem? We’ve got all the answers

What is a pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor garden structure consisting of columns or pillars supporting a roofing grid of beams or rafters upon which vines and creepers can be trained throughout. They’re stylish, add character and charm to your yard, create privacy, and add value to your property too!

How does a pergola differ from a carport?

Whereas a pergola is used as an outdoor space for people, usually with outdoor furniture, a carport is used primarily to park cars in.

Do I need permits?

Yes, all pergolas required approval from council. Don’t worry though, we’ll obtain these for you!

How much is pergola installation?

This depends on the size, landscape and materials used for the project. As a local company we’re able to cut down the costs of construction and pass those cheaper prices on to you. When you choose Campbelltown Macarthur Guttering Services you’ll always be getting the best value for money. All options and prices are presented to you during our initial on-site consultation/assessment.

What’s included in the quote?

All materials, labour and any permit application costs. All excess rubbish will also be removed from the site.

How long will it take to build my pergola?

Once we have the building permit and payments/deposit is paid, we can have your pergola complete within 30 days.

Do I need to be present during the installation?

No, it’s not necessary. Our talented team can work independently to create your perfect pergola.

Do you handle all building requirements?

Yes, We will take care of the entire building and permit process from initial concept and deas right through to completion and clean up of area.

Do you provide a warranty?

If you are not happy with the completed job, we will return to the site and complete to ensure your satisfied. We offer all workmanship fully guaranteed for 7 years from the date of completion and 20 years on Duracote products.

Are you looking for a durable and dynamic pergola at the most competitive price?

Book now or request a fast, obligation free quote from our pergola experts today!